Samm Rosee
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Pool fun with Karlie

Today Samm invited her good friend Karlie over to her house. It’s such a great day to hang out by the pool and have some fun. She agreed and here they both are, enjoying this beautiful afternoon. This day is all about having fun, drinking and getting tanned, and it’s a private party, no boys are allowed in, just girls. So get ready for a wild party, sit back and watch them making out in a very hot and sensual manner!

A couple of cocktails later, the music is load, the water is perfect and the sun is still up. So it’s time to spice things up a little bit and turn this party into want none of them will forget. Watch how they are starting to strip in front of each other, gently removing their clothes and moving their hot, sexy bodies. Soon you will see them completely naked, and starting to touch their honey golden skin, caressed by the sun. They get closer and closer, so soon you’ll see how they are starting to kiss and move their hands all over, touching and squeezing each other’s hot, beautiful breasts. That is just the beginning, next you’ll see a wild lesbian fun, where these two are going to devour one another. Hope you enjoyed this great show and see you all next week. Until then, check out the site and watch some similar videos and pics!


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